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Includes +1 Edition: new characters, classes, skills, planets, quests, and more than 3 hours of gameplay! Galaxy of Pen Paper is a turn-based role-playing game that takes your favorite paper games from childhood and takes them to the cosmic level.

The game takes place in 1999, a group of friends, armed with dice and a set of unique skills, confronts the dangers of a strange new galaxy. The player creates wizards and a squad of players to play some strange but exciting campaigns, earn some fame and discover new skills during the game .Galaxy of Pen & amp; Paper develops the ideas of its predecessor— Knights of Pen & amp; Paper - and offers players an expanded universe, a greater variety of races and a terrific new sci-fi setting.

Turn-based combat system
Ample opportunities for creating game characters
A whole galaxy with many systems and planets to explore
Dice mechanics built into the game for immersing the atmosphere of real board games
Ability to change the complexity of the battles
Lack of in-game purchases
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