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🎮 All products purchased from the Microsoft Store❗️ You are purchasing a Shared Account, it may require a permanent Internet connection and Account.
❗️ During the game, "disconnections" and "crashes" from the gameplay are possible. Any claims in this case will not be accepted.
❗️ System updates of the console, which may affect the operation of a Shared Account, are independent of the seller.🎮 GAME ¦ STAR WARS Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition ¦ XBOX ONE ¦ XBOX SERIES X S 🎮Text: RUS | ENG
Voice acting: RUS | ENG
Subtitles: RUS | ENG🟪 Before buying a product, it is NECESSARILY TO READ THE INFORMATION and RULES!!!◾ After payment, you will instantly receive a licensed game (login and password from the Account with the game).
◾ This is a Shared Account. ONLINE GAMES AND DLC MAY NOT WORK, the seller is not responsible for this. If you only want to play a Multiplayer or Online game, this shared account won´t for you.
◾ We will resend the security code if changes have occurred on our part [change password]!
[If the buyer has reset the console, bought a new one, deleted the account, this is not our problem, in such cases we will not send the security code.]
◾ You do not buy an account for full access, you only buy access to the Account and to the game itself. Consider this when buying.
◾ The claim "I´m being thrown out" is not accepted, since the Account is being sold in the public domain.
◾ The account works on any XBOX ONE console [You do not have access to the site Xbox.com].
◾ Any attempt to login from another device will result in a denial of service.
◾ All items were purchased from the Microsoft Store. You will not have any problems using your Account.
◾ The game is downloaded with the language of the country that is set in the settings of your console (if the game was translated into this language).
◾ Periodic password changes are possible on the Account, you can find out the current data from the seller at oplata.info.
◾ We will solve any problem with your purchase within 48/72 hours!
◾ By purchasing an Account, you automatically agree with the information and rules described in the instructions.⛔ FORBIDDEN:◾ Play from the purchased Account;
◾ Log on to any device other than the XBOX ONE console;
◾ Change any data on the Account;
◾️ Make the console home;
◾ Use Account on more than one console;
◾ RESELL / EXCHANGE / TRANSFER data from the Account to third parties;
◾ Disseminate data on any social networks [Vkontakte, YouTube, etc.].[For violation of these rules, you will lose access to your account without a refund! Also in technical support for any questions you will be REFUSED!]🟪 We will REPLACE you goods if:◾ Invalid username / password;
◾ Product does not match description./deliveryattention❌ A replacement product or a refund is IMPOSSIBLE if:delivery◾ You bought the wrong product “by accident”;
◾ You have violated the RULES.
◾ I didn´t like the game on the profile;
◾ Didn´t read the description before buying;
◾ "Crashes" occur during the game./attention/deliveryattentiondelivery[If something does not suit you, do not pay, take care of your and our time!]/attention/deliveryattentiondelivery🤗 We will be grateful if you leave a REVIEW at the link:
Regards, DSGame´s/attention/delivery
02] Select «Add new player»;
03] Enter the received data (login and password);
04] «Is it really you?» ➤ «Next»;
05] Entering the security code, click «Next»;
06] «Using your data» ➤ «Continue»; We´ve found your latest Xbox account settings! ➤ «Thank you, no need»;
07] «Help to improve the work of the Xbox» ➤ «Thank you, no need»;
08] «When sending data to publishers» ➤ «Continue»;
09] «We found your last Xbox account settings. Apply them now?» ➤ «Thank you, no need»;
10] «Login Options and Security» ➤ «No Barriers»;
11] «How do I enter?» ➤ «Skip»;
12] «Did you receive the code?» ➤ «I have not»;
13] After you find yourself on the main screen;
14] Select «My games and applications» ➤ «Full library» ➤ «All your own games», find the game that you bought in the list, click «A» ➤ «Install all» and wait until the game is fully downloaded.
15] The purchased Account is not deleted, enjoy the game!🟪 HOW TO START THE GAME:◾ Enter the purchased Account;
◾ Switch to your personal account;
◾ Enter the game;
◾ Play.
◾ The game will have your gamertag from your Xbox Live profile, save and achievements will be tied to it.
◾ The purchased Account is not deleted, enjoy the game!delivery🎮 Other more comfortable method to launch games, we will provide you on the page oplata.info 🎮/attention/delivery
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Very Fast work great
04.06.2020 20:06:19
Продавец очень хороший, не обманул, добрый, советую к покупке)
09.01.2020 23:35:45
Отличный продавец, быстрая обратная связь! При покупке проблем не возникло, рекомендую!