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WP All Import Elite Export is the easiest solution to import XML or CSV file into WordPress.


- import of ordinary goods

- supports all fields existing in woocommerce

- import of variable goods

- drag & drop interface

- import of grouped goods

- import images into the product gallery

- import of large files or archives

- import via Cron (creating the ability to configure automatic exchange with 1C or another similar program)

- the ability to manage goods in Excel

- import of affiliate products

- synchronization of residues


- export to xml, csv, excel

- full integration with import capabilities (for example, if you exported data using this plugin, you can edit it in a file and import it back to the site)

- also supported drag $ drop configuration interface with output data display and output filtering

- full integration with Woocommerce and Advanced Custom Fields

- the ability to change the format of the output (using PHP)
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