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Fight at test sites and get ready for future wars.
Like classic games like Advance Wars and Battle Isle, the game takes away strategic games from the unnecessary micro-control that it has become, and, using simple, proven principles of “rock paper scissors”, opens up a new genre for everyone.
With a modern 3D engine that provides graphics, a proven, easy-to-learn set of rules, surrounded by a fascinating storyline and complex gameplay, the game will appeal to both beginners and game lovers.
Unlimited access and unlimited possibilities for modifying the game with an open data structure, open scripts and an easy-to-use editor are also available.

Modern 3D graphics and proven gameplay built into a fascinating and sometimes humorous storyline
Endless modding possibilities through open data structure, open scripts and editor
New and unique game modes such as AI vs AI or email game play
The stone-scissors-paper principle makes Future Wars easy to learn, but difficult to learn.
Achievements in the game allow you to replay for hours to get the highest rewards
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