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Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is an exciting and dynamic platformer with an unusual gameplay. You can transform the world of dreams of Giana, thereby changing the set of abilities of the heroine and the objects surrounding her. You will need skill, speed, ingenuity and special skills to overcome all the dangers that filled the dream world!

Sweet Giana moves quickly and gracefully, easily avoiding dangers and enemies. But as soon as she transforms into her dark appearance, brute force comes to the rescue. In this form, it is able to destroy any obstacles in its path!

Game Features:
Powerful abilities: the way Gian travels through the world of dreams depends largely on her desires and mood. Faced with an obstacle on the way, she can either smash it into chips, or gracefully flutter. The choice is yours.
Intuitive controls and pleasant gameplay: managing Giana is very easy and convenient, however, to overcome all difficulties, you will have to actively use the whole arsenal of tricks known to the heroine.
Amazing worlds: the dream world is made using magnificent three-dimensional graphics and transformed so spectacularly that it seems alive!
Interactive environment: the world surrounding Giana changes with her. You can fly in bubbles from chewing gum, run on conveyor belts, jump on springs and even ride a turtle.
Legendary soundtrack by Chris Holsback and Machinae Supremacy!
Exciting journey: the game features 23 levels and 3 unique worlds. Each dream world can be transformed into one of two states and is filled with a lot of secret areas.
Epic boss battles: the game could not have done without giant creatures from the very depths of Jiana’s nightmares. With such enemies, jokes are bad!
Unrealistically complex "hardcore" modes: the "Hardcore" and "Uber-hardcore" modes are waiting for all players who want to become real masters of the game and all those who are probably insane.
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