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Giana Sisters 2D is an HD remake of many console games from far back in 2009. The game has full gamepad support, intuitive controls, and gradually complicating gameplay. Everything is balanced for hours of fun and challenge.

The Great Giana Sisters was one of the first platform games released on Commodore 64. Although sales were stopped shortly after the release of the game, The Great Giana Sisters became a true cult classic and an important part of the gaming industry. In 2009, the game was re-released on Nintendo DS Consoles. Giana Sisters DS launched the new sister game series, which includes Twisted Dreams and Giana Sisters: Dream Runners. We are pleased to present the 2009 HD remake of the Nintendo DS console. The game received excellent HD graphics and full support for gamepads. Everything is balanced for hours of fun and stressful trials. The game also includes 32 levels of the original game, carefully recreated. Freed from the dust of time, Giana Sisters 2D has retained its hilarious style, familiar mechanics and legendary soundtrack. Features: A beautifully recreated HD version of the classic game for Nintendo DS.

Precise, intuitive controls with an easy “learning curve”.
80 brand new adventures
32 fully restored classic levels
Legendary soundtrack
Steam Integration: Player Ratings, Achievements, and Trading Cards.
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