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Vice City is the real gem of the South. A city of vice and luxury, where wealth and poverty, palaces and slums coexist.
After serving fifteen years in prison, Tommy Versetti returns to Liberty City. However, here he is not welcome. Former boss of the bandit, Sonya Forelli, to get rid of Tommy, and at the same time earn some money, sends him to hell - to Weiss City, in the south of the country. But Versetti does not cope with the errand and loses everything. The position of an unlucky hero cannot be envied: not only does Sony demand a repayment of the debt, it also seems that the whole Weiss City has taken up arms: gangs of bikers, Cuban gangsters, corrupt politicians - everyone is trying to kill Versetti. What remains? Just answer blow to blow and try to take the whole criminal city to hand.

Game Features:
A huge, detailed game world. The metropolis of Vice City, in which something constantly happens regardless of the player’s actions.
Over thirty types of weapons. Brass knuckles, batons, machine guns, machine guns, grenades, bazookas and much more.
Various vehicles that can be controlled: cars, motorcycles, boats, boats and even a helicopter.
A huge number of completely diverse tasks. From selling ice cream and delivering pizza to buying real estate and killing a policeman.
Great music. Several hours of music on nine radio stations performed by stellar bands of the 1980s, including representatives of a wide variety of musical styles - from disco to hard´n´heavy.
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