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-Purchasing this product, you get a key for World of Warcraft Classic Vanilla Collector's Edition

-Suitable for both EURO and RU regions

-In World of Warcraft Dragonflight, you'll get three in-game companions Panda, Zerling, and Mini Diablo, and three Feats of Strength upon first logging in.
-In World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Classic, in order to get Panda, Zerling and mini Diablo and three Feats of Strength, you will need to create a new lvl1 character, open the bag, find a gift there and complete the quest. After receiving the pet, send it by mail to the desired character, then repeat ittwo more times.
-In World of Warcraft Classic Era, Panda, Zerling, and Mini Diablo pets can only be obtained by new, freshly created characters, and only one pet. The pet itself is not sent by mail, if you already have a pumped character, then perhaps the Game Master will help with the quest for the pet, but this is not guaranteed, keep this in mind when buying!

-You can activate the code on your account in the menu "use the code"

-The key does not extend the game time and NOT WORK FOR US American accounts and servers