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By resolution of the head of the city administration, a coordination committee for promoting employment was created. The main goal of the committee is to help create favorable conditions for effective employment of the city population, to achieve which the coordination committee was endowed with the following rights: 1) to coordinate the activities of the population services, employers on the employment of workers to be released; 2) to study the situation with employment in the city, to develop recommendations for improving this work; 3) make decisions on the suspension of the mass dismissal of employees or on the phased dismissal of them in cases of difficulties with their further employment; 4) provide assistance to the city administration in matters of implementing the state employment policy; 5) consider the development and implementation of programs to promote employment in the city; 6) to solve the issues of encouraging employers who create new jobs for citizens who are especially in need of social protection and who have difficulty in finding work; 7) carry out mass public works, determine their types and volumes.
In addition, by a resolution of the head of the regional administration, the coordination committees for promoting employment, created in the region, were entrusted with the function of public control over employers by submitting to the employment service authorities information about the application of insolvency (bankruptcy) procedures for this organization, information necessary for the implementation of vocational rehabilitation and employment assistance for persons with disabilities, as well as information on the availability of vacant jobs (should awns) and the implementation of the quota for the employment of disabled persons.
What are the mandates of the coordination committee for promoting employment? What is the legal basis for the interaction of coordination committees for promoting employment and government bodies, local authorities?
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