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Semina worked as a hotel administrator and was dismissed on February 20, 2006 under paragraph 5 of Art. 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation for repeated violation of labor discipline. In the court, where Semina appealed with a lawsuit for reinstatement, it was established that while working at the hotel since 1999, she systematically violated labor discipline, for which the administration imposed disciplinary sanctions on her (in September 2003 - a remark in December 2004 - reprimand, in August 2005 - severe reprimand). Given the above, and assuming yet another disciplinary offense (February 10, 2006 - I was late for work by 1 hour), the director of the hotel issued an order to dismiss Semina from work.
Is termination legal? What decision should a court make? What rules should the employer comply with when dismissing an employee under paragraph 5 of Art. 81 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation?
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