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Thieves - guest performers Shamsurov, Stepanov and Kirsanov for two years "traveled" around Russia, committing apartment thefts. The investigation established 205 facts of thefts from apartments in 12 cities, the total value of stolen property of others amounted to 1980000 rubles.
The scheme of actions of the criminals was as follows: having arrived in a city for one day, Shamsurov, Stepanov and Kirsanov found an apartment building and went through all the apartments under the guise of merchants selling flour and sugar on preliminary orders. Thus, they identified apartments whose owners were absent, and robbed them. So, for example, in the city of N-sk during the day they stole 18 apartments.
Do the acts committed by Shamsurov, Stepanov and Kirsanov constitute a multiplicity of crimes, or is this one continued theft?
Define the concept of continuing crime. What is the difference between a continuing crime and a multiplicity of crimes?
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