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Today, Mail.ru is a powerful social portal of the Runet, whose audience is about 50 million unique users. It is included in the TOP 5 social networks of the countries of the former Soviet Union. This platform has gained particular popularity among consumers with its useful online applications and a voluminous arsenal of interesting games.
Here you can buy comments on any pages / photos / posts / videos on the MyMir social network. Comments are executed in the form of tasks that you will give them. Those. You write what you need to write about, and in what form. Further, living people carry out your task from their social accounts. network MyMir. Everything looks like real comments left by live users. The execution speed is about 10-50 comments per day for 1 task.
Attention: You do not need to write and come up with the comments themselves! You only ask a topic and a task about what and in what vein to write.
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