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Every woman dreams of love. So it was in antiquity, also this truth is applicable to our modernity, and it will be so in the future. The most boundless, immortal and creative force is Love. This book is devoted to the topic of love and relations between a man and a woman. There are many teachings and theories regarding building harmonious relationships. However, not all of them are the embodiment of life experience and talent. This book is the bearer of female wisdom, and is based on the life experience of several generations of women. The book is written in a simple and accessible language, there is no empty and unnecessary information in it. Only specifics and knowledge.
The book consists of 2 chapters. Chapter 1 is devoted to the personality of the Beloved Woman - her characteristic properties (15 knowledge). Chapter 2 consists of 22 knowledge and is devoted to Love Strategies. Excerpt from the book:
Knowledge 4. Circling it like on a carousel. Design a scenario for your relationship.

"Give him an unforgettable journey around your finger."

How many can be seen around women dissatisfied with their personal lives is simply darkness. They complain that their men are lazy, greedy, do not pay enough attention to them, and so on. Of course, such male manifestations are not uncommon, but in most cases this behavior takes place due to the fact that women do not know the approach to their lovers. Remember once and for all, in a mediocre relationship, a man does not seek to prove himself from the best side. His efforts are enough only for the period of courtship. Your task, according to his habits, personality traits and weaknesses, is to construct such a seduction system that would ideally suit him. No wonder they say that there are no impregnable peaks. Only in this way can you always be desired and get what you want from a man.
1. To build a relationship scenario, you need to meet the basic expectations of a man. Suppose he wants you to always look spectacular, be slim as cypress, and have a light disposition, one for which he fell in love with you. Such your “main” correspondence will help him “close his eyes” to your small flaws and shortcomings.
2. Find out his ideal woman. What kind of women he loves, with what appearance and manner of behavior. In this you assistant modern cinema, pay attention to what actresses he loves? What was his first lover? Or maybe, in general, his ideal is the heroine of a fairy tale?
You need this in order to create an association, to draw a parallel between you and his ideal. Is there anyone who would not want to live with an embodied dream?
3. Based on his temperament and personality characteristics, make the optimal dynamics of the development of your relationship.
This is necessary in order to determine the level of tension in seduction. With a phlegmatic, calm man, it will be a mistake to often bring him to emotions, provoke exploits in the name of love, etc. But a calm type of seduction, with a gradual and phased way of influencing a given man, can be very helpful.
Some men like to sort things out occasionally, while others just need regular thrashing, someone sorties out their relationship through diplomatic means.
Just judging by these parameters, you can determine for yourself which way you will get what you want throughout the relationship.
4. Decide what you yourself want to get from this man? Marriage, career growth, having children, or maybe you are only interested in spending time together? Having decided on the desired, we outline the ways to achieve it. Let´s say you need a marriage. To do this, of course, you will like his mother, friends, etc., surprise him with his culinary skills, in bed, prove yourself to all 150% but ... this is not enough. Need art. You must envelop yourself in a special charm. You must be able to seem to him a gift of fate.
Specifically, such a recommendation on this subject - it is not necessary to become a gift, it is important
The work is protected by copyright law. Spelling and punctuation of the author. The author´s style and spiritual message are fully preserved.
When reading my book, focus only on it so that subtle thought and energetic message will bring you maximum benefit. Feel the mood to the maximum - it is in it that the key to success. The cost of the book includes a 5% discount for my dear readers. Enjoy reading to you!
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