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What are friends for, if not for playing golf with them ... at Golf With Your Friends! Forget about boundaries and feel the drive, playing in an exciting dynamic synchronized mini-golf company with up to 12 players!

Key Features:
12 player multiplayer mode! Get ready to perform mind-blowing attacks simultaneously with 11 other players.

Thematic fields! Gather your team and start part-th on any of the fields with unique mechanics. Raise a flag on a pirate hole, make an albatross in the ancient world or arrange a battle of worms on the Worms field!

Gain! Make your friends party: stick their balls with honey, freeze or turn them into cubes.

Three game modes! Play classic minigolf, score pairs in rings or replace holes with hockey gates.

Level Editor! Experiment in a big way, creating your own fields and sharing them with other players.

Personalization! Arrange a fashion show on the fairway by revealing hats, skins, and footprints for your ball.
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