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Galaxy Warfighter develops the ideas of the classic shoot’em up genre. At the helm of a space fighter you will find a hard battle with hordes of aliens - your enemies will use unpredictable tactics and attack patterns.

Well, if you think that ordinary opponents are too easy, ruthless bosses will come after them. Do not underestimate them, the complexity of the game will steadily increase.

Game Features:

Learn from your mistakes - or die! In Galaxy Warfighter, you have to fight with 10 types of enemies that will surprise you with thoughtful attack patterns.
Break through ordinary opponents? This is just the beginning! You are waiting for 4 unique and difficult bosses.
The strongest will survive. At your disposal are 8 types of weapons and a complex system of improvements.
Deadly beauty. The game has as many as 100 levels with a stunning retro picture.
Nostalgia in a new way. The Galaxy Warfighter has modern HD graphics that preserve the spirit of the classics of the genre.
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