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Professor Pendergast, a leading global specialist in the capture of ghosts and other otherworldly forces, received a radio message from his old friend and colleague named Melville: he desperately prayed for help from the professor.

All threads lead to the mysterious Blackwood mansion, located in a deserted area in the north of Scotland. Rumor has it that a terrible curse has been placed on the mansion. Take the professor through the dark corners of the mysterious haunted house and find out what trouble happened to his missing friend. At the heart of the game are solving puzzles, exploring the world, collecting items and revealing the plot of the detective. But this will not be limited to it, because at your disposal are deadly weapons and explosives, disgusting enemies and crazy battles.

Developed by just one person, Ghostly Matter from Small Bros Studios perfectly combines classic metro diving with elements of the quest genre in a single exciting gameplay.

Completely open world: explore over 600 rooms in 20 different settings with many vivid details
Over 40 enemies divided into 3 categories
10 bosses
14 bonuses and power-ups (some taken from the world classics of ghost hunting)
6 types of weapons, the effect of which varies depending on the type of enemy
Over 100 collectibles
Activate your faithful polteroscope to see ghosts and hidden objects
Fully customizable CRT filter: blur, curved screen, color saturation reduction and noise effect
Dozens of references to characters and plots from the 80s
Platformer, action and quest - all in one game
Many puzzles
Reveal the plot of the game step by step, finding clues and talking to characters
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