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You are buying The Sims 4: Laundry Day.

To activate, you need the basic version of the game Sims 4.

Thanks to the catalog “The Sims 4 Laundry Day”, your Sims will be able to do the simplest housework - washing. The characters will have to install a brand new washing machine and clothes dryer at home and from now on only wear bright and clean clothes. And lovers of fresh air will be able to wash by hand in a trough, and then hang clothes on a rope and proudly evaluate the work done.

Do not like to do laundry? Not scary! Turn the Sim’s home into a village house by adding the appropriate decor so that your characters experience unity with nature. At your disposal are wooden tables, wicker furniture, colorful rugs, flower baskets and much more!

Do your sims want to diversify their wardrobe with simple outfits? Then they are lucky! Now you can dress up country-style characters by adding floral patterns and denim clothing to your wardrobe. And do not forget about unpretentious hairstyles that will create a laid-back look.
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