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You buy The Sims 4: My first pet.

To activate, you need the basic version of the game Sims 4 and the addition of a cat and dog.

Teach your characters to take care of small animals, decorate your house with animal furniture and dress your pets in your favorite Sim outfits!


Take care of a new pet. Get a little animal like a hamster, rat, pygmy hedgehog or bubalus! Your Sims will have to come up with a new pet´s nickname and learn how to care for him - play with him, monitor his health and cleanliness. Sims have a lot to learn!

Dress up cats and dogs. Prove that Sims and their pets are made for each other by dressing Sims in a bathrobe or pajamas in the shape of their favorite pets. And then dress the cat in a beautiful dress and put a classic hat on the dog.

Give your four-legged friends style home. Decorate the living room with unique pieces of decor and furnish the nursery with animal furniture. From charming pillows in the shape of cats for sims to brightly colored beds for cats, everyone will find something for themselves.
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