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You buy The Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff .

To activate, you need the basic version of the game Sims 4.

Everyone knows that compact life is not just a fashion trend, but a conscious decision. Tiny houses are greener, cheaper, and much more comfortable, and your Sims are ready to adopt this lifestyle. Therefore, we are pleased to announce the release of The Sims ™ 4 Compact Life - Catalog! *

Small houses, big dreams

Try to build a house with only 100 tiles on a site for a tiny apartment building and get special bonuses for your sims. You will save on utility bills and try to live in cramped conditions, but not in insult, and there will even be a place for a garden on the site. Arrange competitions with friends and earn the title of builder of the cutest tiny home.

Folding beds

You asked, and we did! Folding beds appeared in the game. Huge space saving, perfect corner for pranks! Most importantly, make sure that the sims are not accidentally locked inside the bed! Fortunately, folding beds provide freedom of action, and when combined with a bookcase, stereo and TV, their possibilities are unlimited!

Heavy knitting

You will find many new items for the character creation editor, among which you will find warm and cozy large knit sweaters. Your Sims will feel comfortable in new cozy clothes ... Perhaps even too comfortable.
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