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deliverySystem Requirements: XBOX ONE / XBOX SERIES X|S
Genre: Shooting
Released: 2019

Better on Xbox One X, 4K Ultra HD and HDR support.

Play the classic co-op shooter with a drop of weapons - but now with improvements! There are a bazillion models of weapons and 4 crazy mercenaries waiting for you, each with their own skill tree! They will have to go around the entire planet of Pandora, where lawlessness reigns, in search of the mysterious Alien Warehouse. This edition of the classic contains new weapons, visual enhancements, all 4 expansion packs and more - you can even play the game with 4 players on the same screen!
13.07.2022 11:01:12
Всё супер!
10.03.2022 19:42:11
все отлично код пришел моментально активировалось тоже без проблем
21.11.2020 17:01:41
Всё нормально

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