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You are buying The Sims 4: Island Living! ...

To activate, you need the base version of the Sims 4 game.

What can you do on the island?

Thanks for the question! First, whatever you do, remember to relax, okay? The atmosphere in Sulani is very relaxed, but that does not mean that no one is having fun here. Read below to find out how you can have a good time and relax:

Exciting waves. Enjoy swimming in crystal clear waters? Go canoeing, swim as much as you like and explore the scenery from the Aqua Jaguar. If you want to relax on the beach, build a gorgeous sand castle or just sunbathe. You can even meet a real mermaid!
Important work. Relaxing is good, but helping to keep the island clean and doing your part is even better. Become a conservationist, clean up beach trash and watch your Sim´s actions affect the most virgin island of Sulani. Your Sims can also work on a temporary basis as a diver, lifeguard or angler - or they can choose from different types of jobs! Earn Simoleons in a way that best suits your Sims´ lifestyle.
Local life. Sulani traditions characterize the island, and your Sims won´t be able to live a fulfilling life on the island without appreciating them all. Sims will experience the full new way of life by interacting with the locals at vibrant island festivals, taking part in local cultural events, sampling tropical delicacies and catering to ancient island spirits.
Island fashion. You don´t want your Sims to melt in the heat in the bright sun, do you? Dress them up in light tropical outfits to go to the beach, dive in, or frolic in the ocean. And watch your tan! You can also decorate your haven of paradise with household items or relax by the themed bar.
Life on the island is very quiet (aside from the rare lava eruptions), so chill out, but don´t forget the release dates!
07.08.2020 19:08:57
I recommend everything ok

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