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You buy The Sims 4: University.

To activate, you need the base version of the Sims 4 game.

Explore all the delights of learning. Attend classes to build a successful career as an engineer, teacher, or lawyer. Discover robotics and juice ping pong, or prank the students of a rival institution. Study hard, sleep well, or fool around with your institute´s mascot - the main thing is to get good grades!

School time. Start a new chapter in life and enroll in the historic University of Britchester or the modern Foxbury Institute. Live in a dorm or off-campus, cycle around Britchester, spend time at the student center, and study in the library. Show your student spirit and cheer for your fellow students, or wear clothes in the colors of your institute.

Diligent study. Study what you like: biology, computer science, art history, or even extravagance. Attend lectures, write term papers, or prepare presentations - the more your character knows, the more successful his career will be. Attendance will affect your Sim´s performance, so it´s important to organize your time appropriately.

Acquaintance, communication and study. It is up to your character to decide how to spend time while at university. He can study around the clock - or relax and sleep. Play juice ping pong or soccer and chat with fellow students. Sims can join robotics, debate and art clubs, or even become members of a secret community. Over time, the characters will learn a lot and find their calling.

Student style. Decorate your Sim´s dorm room according to their preferences. Choose a style for your character: he can pull on sweatpants when he is late for class, or wear his best pants to impress other students or show the school spirit.
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