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You are buying The Sims 4: Magician World.

To activate, you need the base version of the Sims 4 game.
Experience a supernatural world and master magic in The Sims ™ 4 World of Magic. This rural town looks no different from others, but once you open a secret portal, the world will be filled with magic. Potions, magic wands, a floating world and not always successful spells await your characters! Master magic, summon magic pets for protection and plunge into a new enchanting world.

Fascinating city. When your character finds a magical portal, he will open the door to a fantasy world where mysteries lie in wait at every corner. Get a magical pet, cast spells on other Sims, and brew potions for friends and foes.
The art of magic. Learn the basics, learn from magic experts and complete the quest to become a sorcerer. Find and use spells: make characters fight, create food, or even turn other characters into inanimate objects. Craft potions to help Sims fall in love, remove curses, or make them immortal!
Magical pets. A magical pet - or protector - will help you fulfill your destiny and become a sorcerer. Summon the dragon, fairy or magical pet that best suits your character in character, think of a name for him, and he will become your personal guardian.
Supernatural outfits. Become a real wizard by dressing up in special clothes. Extravagant robes are suitable for cooking potions by the cauldron, and a modest outfit for using spells. Complete the look with magic wands and brooms and don´t forget to decorate the room with magical objects.
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