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How dare you, how much you're cool? Are you ready to accept the challenge of the best fighters of the magical guilds? World arena waiting for Mortal Kombat, and this game is waiting for you. Fighting game in the style of fighting (fighting) with very colorful graphics. On models with larger screens, the game looks even more beautiful than the famous games of this genre on PC and consoles. Pleasant sky, sea, exotic arenas - everything is just pleasing to the eye. You choose the hero and alone to fight with six masters of martial arts. Fighting against the backdrop of the Tibetan mountain landscape, abandoned Aztec ruins, the sunny beaches of California. We'll have to fight even on a pirate ship!

The game has four modes: Tournament - the gradual passage of all fights with six rivals to the main boss; Survival - the battle for survival, in order to earn the most points; Quick Fight - Battle with a randomly selected opponent, Tutorial - learning mode.
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