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$1000 the discount is 1%
You receive a 25-digit license key to activate your Xbox Live Gold subscription for a period of 6 months.
Region of activation - Russia.

Suitable for Russian accounts without using a VPN.
To activate the key on your account, you may need a VPN connection.
The code can be used on accounts in any region where there is a gold status option.

ATTENTION! The codes work both on old accounts where the Xbox Live Gold subscription was previously activated or is currently active, and on new accounts.

Gold status Xbox LIVE Gold will open for you the world of entertainment. Easily play over the Internet with friends around the world.
Chat with them right through your TV monitor thanks to the Video Kinect service. Before others, get access to demo games and enjoy unique discounts.
Gold status Xbox LIVE Gold - your pass to the world of games and entertainment. For the full benefits of Xbox LIVE Gold Gold status, visit http://www.xbox.com/live.
The feature set may be changed and may also vary from country to country.
The code must be activated according to the instructions that will be sent to your email with the code.
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15.07.2021 21:53:31
15.07.2021 21:53:12
25.06.2021 0:17:05
21.05.2021 22:14:19

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