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1. Diagnostics of the organization´s activity
2.laws and principles of organization of the trading company LLC PKF "Leopard»
3. The development of model management solutions commercial enterprise PKF "Leopard»
4.organization of the accounting system and analysis
of performance indicators management System
6. The personnel management system
7. Strategic management of the organization
8. The adoption of managerial decisions on the organization development group, the trading company
9. Improvement of the management system and evaluation of the effectiveness of measures from the proposals of LLC PKF "Leopard»
List of references
Bachelor´s thesis defense in September 2012, excellent. it was written together with the teacher.
The delivery includes a diploma in WORD format 67 pages, 12 tables, practice report 14 pages, 4 tables, presentation 10 sheets PowerPoint, Speech 2 sheets.
Full release package.
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