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Charon Macro Manager is a program created for convenient and safe use by our team of macros for various games. The main feature of this program is - work on any PC, regardless of the computer mouse connected to it.

Advantages of the program:
1. Works on any pc and mouse
2. Ability to use binds to control the program
3. Active support
4. Free updates
5. Convenient interface

The program contains macros for 24 weapons including all shooting modes and sights.

They require hand-tuning because of the strong random shooting in the game.
The game should only wear a body kit to reduce horizontal recoil.

Mouse control settings: standard
After purchasing this product, you will receive Charon Macro Manager software and a text document with an activation key designed to access the macro section for PUBG.
To start using the program you should:
1. Register inside the program by clicking on the Registration button
2. Enter the desired username and password,
then confirm the registration (At the moment, recovery of login and password are not provided, therefore, we recommend writing them somewhere). Close the registration window.
3. Enter your data in the login window. At the first login, you will see a message that the account information has been updated,
this means that information about your computer has been added to the database. Therefore, you cannot use your account on other computers, this was done in order to avoid the use of one account by several people.
4. In the main window, click the Activate key button and enter the activation key stored in the archive received upon purchase.
In the Settings window, select the tracking button that is convenient for you. It is designed to enable and disable macro health. For shooting, use the left mouse button.
6. Now you can go from the main window to the macro window for PUBG by pressing the PUBG button
7. Select the macro you need from the list, click the tracking button,
selected in the settings or the Activate button under the list of macros and you can enjoy shooting.

For updates and for all other questions, contact the seller from the purchase site, or at these resources: Support: / Discord: Maksim [K] a # 2447
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