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A scan "Reference chemist, v.3"

The contents of the directory:

Chemical equilibrium in the gas phase

Chemical equilibrium in the liquid phase,

The balance of liquid-solid

The balance of the gas-liquid

The balance of the solid-gas

Liquid-Liquid Equilibrium

Cryoscopic constant and ebullioskopicheskie

Density solutions

The activity coefficients

Energy properties of solutions

Thermal conductivity solutions

The conductivity of the solutions and the transference number

The viscosity of the solution

The surface tension of solutions

The refractive indices of solutions

Electrode processes in solutions

Electrode processes in melts

Kinetics of Chemical Reactions


The reactivity of organic compounds


The quality is excellent, the file format - djvu.

Format djvu, put simply - is the scanned pages, such as e-books ordered. Special sheath allows you to easily and quickly navigate through the pages, zoom in or out, print and so on. D.

After downloading the guide, you can be sure to get all the information you could get a paper version.
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