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After confirming payment, you will receive a username and password from your account

1. Press the center button of the controller
2. In the upper left corner, press the green button A
4. Xbox may ask for sign-in confirmation. If a confirmation request is sent, write to us and discard the screen photo with the request for correspondence.
5. Enter your username and password and put a tick in front of the "SAVE PASSWORD" so that you do not ask for a password on subsequent logins
7. Select the purchased game, PUT ON DOWNLOAD
8. Switch to your account
9. Now you can play from your personal account

!!! RULES OF USE !!!

It is forbidden to make the console home
Do not resell account information
It is forbidden to try to change data
Claims when buying through friends are not considered
Carefully read the section / name / description of the product. If you bought not what you expected, the funds will not be returned;
If you did not like the game, the money will also not be returned.
Additional mail is not provided, you do not purchase an account for full access, but only access to the game on it.
A game online can work unstably, there is no return in this case. The account is designed for single mode.

Purchase of goods means acceptance of the above rules. For violation of the rules you will lose access to your account
06.07.2021 6:56:41
He may be late at reply, may take up to a day but has responsible, i bought the game myself so I asked to change the game and he did.
01.06.2021 10:08:37
Fast response. Good seller
31.03.2021 20:57:25
Пришлось немного подождать, но продавец исправил ситуацию! Все отлично, большое спасибо!
12.03.2021 10:44:51
Все ок. Спасибо . Товар хороший
21.02.2021 15:36:44
Все хорошо
08.02.2021 0:52:39
На аккаунте сменили пароль. Продавец не выдает новый пароль. На отрицательный не могу сменить.
30.01.2021 22:35:01
Хороший продавец, быстрое обслуживание🙏
17.01.2021 12:45:42
Все отлично!
10.01.2021 2:05:49
Really good customer service, kind and really positive, really recommend, good price for a good game and has great manners and English skills. Amazing dude.

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