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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$1000 the discount is 1%
$3000 the discount is 2%
$5000 the discount is 3%

!This card can be used both on old accounts, for example, for renewal, and on new accounts.!!

Activation Instructions:
Log in to https://microsoft.com/redeem with your Microsoft account, enter the 25-digit code, and then click Next. Follow the onscreen instructions.
To create an account, visit https://commerce.microsoft.com.

This subscription can only be used in the Russian Federation (Russian Federation). To activate in other countries, you need to use a Russian VPN and change the region of your account to "Russian Federation".

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30.11.2020 14:07:43
27.11.2020 11:30:48
Все отлично
24.11.2020 20:08:26
24.11.2020 20:08:18
24.11.2020 20:08:09
24.11.2020 20:08:01
24.11.2020 20:07:51
24.11.2020 18:33:07
Купил, активировал код, начал играть. Рекомендую данного продавца. Подписки для бокса буду брать только тут
22.11.2020 12:50:26
Всё супер!!!! Быстро, качественно, надёжно!!! Спасибо!
21.11.2020 15:25:56
Спасибо все ок.

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