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After payment of the goods you instantly get a licensed 25-digit code (key to activate the game). The game will forever be tied to your account.
ATTENTION!: Activation needs VPN Turkey

Instructions for activation from the phone:

1. Download the Urban.VPN application
2. Run it, choose a browser and download from Turkey
3. Switch by reference
4. We enter your account
5. Enter the key, activate.
6. Download the game on your XBox One Console
7. Sometimes a reboot console is required to make the game appear on your account.
Enjoy the game
Friends, if not difficult, write down in the heading * Positive feedback * on the successful installation
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16.11.2022 19:57:49
Все хорошо, но впн не Аргентины, а Турции
15.11.2022 1:59:42
Товар получен. Только код для Турции почему-то
28.10.2022 22:28:25
Активация успешна
03.09.2022 22:17:59
Всё работает.
30.08.2022 22:43:02
Все отлично
20.08.2022 10:58:08
Все круто , респект ,от души !
10.08.2022 14:34:22
08.08.2022 14:53:03
27.05.2022 11:10:35
Всё активировалось.

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