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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$15 the discount is 3%
$25 the discount is 4%
$60 the discount is 5%

Lifetime Guarantee! - If you experience any problems logging in to the account you get completely new account.


Remember, the account is my property - you only get access to it, you cannot change password or email.
You can use the account forever.

▶Please read the information below:

Why you should buy from us:
🎮You get a lifetime account guarantee.
🎮Regular customers receive regular discounts.
🎮24/7 support even on weekends.
🎮Discounts for positive reviews.
🎮Legally bought and original games.
🎮We sell globally since 2016.
🎮Lifetime account access
🎮Immediate delivery

Game start instructions:
1. We do not create a new user - log in with the data which have been purchased.
2. When the "Login and Security Preferences" message is displayed - Select Unlimited.
3. At the question "Connect this controller with you" - We give it a skip.
3a. Xbox Live Gold - Select the "no thanks" option.
4. Then go to "games and applications" - you can also search for the title in the "Microsoft Store" (all add-ons in extended versions such as Deluxe, Ultimate, Unlimited etc. are installed separately after going to the "Manage game" panel on console)
5. Install the game - REMEMBER - to run it you must have 100% downloaded. (If throws you out of account, you can continue downloading on your account).
6. After installation start the game from the purchased profile.
7. Disconnect the internet console after 10-15 seconds after clicking start. (You can go offline in console> Settings> Network> Network Settings> Go offline.)
8. After starting the game, log in to your profile - leave the purchased one in the background.
9. We do not delete the profile purchased.

What you can´t do on account - this is strictly prohibited:
🔴Set the console as a "home console".
🔴Change profile information
🔴Give account to third parties
🔴Change any data.

Remember that the account is only used to start the game.
All breaches of the regulations - result in the loss of game access and money.

💥Achievements that you take in the game - will be unlocked after going online.

💥Online play is possible but very unstable - I do not recommend this option - the account is mainly for offline use.
The account is shared - if it throws you of account - try connecting again later.
All complaints of this type are rejected.
The account is best used while offline.

The seller is not responsible for changes in Microsoft´s policy regarding the use of shared accounts, as well as their inoperability after new console updates.
* By making a purchase, you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of use from the product description *

❗️If the product does not work, write to us in the chat - we will give you new data and help you. 100% your attempt will be solved , If I do not answer right away - wait, sometimes it takes 1-6 hours , Don´t leave negative feedback - just write first. Thank you for your understanding.

You can chat : https://oplata.info
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Дал аккаунт с неправильным паролем
Жду ответа
Быстро исправил проблему
15.03.2021 21:04:20

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