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"GWENT: The Witcher. Card Game" on (* GWENT music 1 barrel * pack)

No regional restrictions (Region Free / ROW / GLOBAL GOG Key)

Actions after purchase:

1) Register an account at (if you don´t have one), or go to an existing one.
2) Follow the purchased link and activate the key.
3) Inside the running game, it will already be possible to open the barrel and get cards.
1) ONLY ONE key sold by us can be activated on one GOG account. When you try to activate the same key (game + 1 barrel), GOG will give an error. However, if you previously activated some other pack (for example, game + 5 barrels) or took 1 barrel for subscribing to news in GOG, you can activate this pack without any problems.

2) If you play (want to play) the steam version of the game, you will also need to create a gog account for it, or log into an existing one and activate our key in it.
23.01.2023 14:57:27
Всё отлично, код сработал.
16.01.2023 20:15:17
Оплата прошла удачно, сразу все пришло. Рекомендую.
13.01.2023 12:38:48
все работает. ВНИМАТЕЛЬНО читайте описание - я купил зачем-то 5 шт )))
09.10.2022 18:37:47
24.09.2022 0:58:22
29.05.2022 11:48:50
GWENT CODES FOR ALIENWARE 1 обычная бочка,не премиальная. Платил через СБП 56 рублей.
22.02.2022 15:34:41
все как указано, спасибо