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The "Bookstore" database is designed to automate the bookstore activities. Allows you to process information about suppliers, customers, copyright marks, knowledge sections, catalog separators, systematic catalogs, alphabetical index, printed edition.

The "Bookstore" database contains the following tables: knowledge section; systematic catalog; customer; issuance of a printed publication; directory separator; printed edition; provider; copyright mark; alphabetical catalog.
The analytical capabilities of the database include the formation of the following queries and reports: customer information; information about the edition; the register of issuing publications; deprived of the right to use.

Development environment: Microsoft Office Access.
Also, you can order a description of the data schema and a description of how to work with the database in the form of a report (.doc). Updating information in the database, updating dates, full name and other information. It is possible to modify the user interface or refine the presented database according to your requirements. I can offer a large number of ready-made databases on various topics or develop a new one on any topic you suggest.
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