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Uploaded: 29.01.2021

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Automatic change of external IP address on Huawei modems with Hilink firmware installed.
Suitable for all owners of their own mobile proxies with Huawei modems
Available to switch 10 modems in the program interface! Updates and support are free.
Eternal license (lifetime)
Functionality of the script:
- Average time to change IP address - 10 seconds (instead of 25-30 seconds if you restart the modem)
- Setting the type of switching (4G-> 3G-> 4G; 3G-> 4G-> 3G; 4G-> 2G-> 4G; 3G-> 2G-> 3G; Restart)
- Configurable change frequency from 1 min. up to a day
- Delay between switches for guaranteed IP change
- Setting up your IP checking services
- Detailed information in the log about all script actions
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