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Free consultations of an accountant
50% discount for the first month for any tariff
Express audit of the database for 500 ₽

To take advantage of the discount:
1. Go to the Buttons website using the purchased promo link.
2. Leave a request for a call back.

Button - back office for business. We work with entrepreneurs throughout Russia and in any industry:
- We submit reports on time and without errors
- We connect to 1C and electronic reporting for free
- Safely lower taxes
- We resolve issues with the bank, conduct foreign economic activity
- We lead employees, on time advance payment and salary
- We make contracts and fill out documents
- We store, deliver the primary, connect EDF

We´ve made outsourcing accounting for small businesses simple and straightforward.
We take care of accounting, reporting, calculation of taxes and salaries, legal issues, work with banks - you develop your business.
We make accounting a background process, in which an entrepreneur is not required to be afraid of taxes, fines and think about accounting every day.
In the Button, you communicate with your people. There are two of them. They are aware of everything. If one went on vacation, the other is always there.
Behind them are dozens of accountants of different directions, standards and scenarios for performing tasks and the most real accounting robots.

A whole team of specialists in different directions does the work for you at Knopka.
Experts work together and get involved in solving problems when needed. For example, an accountant looks at a lease agreement taking into account the tax system, and then a lawyer checks for risks for your business.
How to pay less taxes
All the documents were carried out on time - the company fulfilled its obligations to the client and avoided withholding 40,000 rubles.
declines legally.
The right experts for the right tasks
The accountant is not obliged to understand legal issues and generally be distracted by them. Our work scripts allow you to automatically connect the right employees to tasks. Each specialist is responsible for his own direction, and together they maintain order in your business.
The first accounting department with artificial intelligence
Routine tasks in the Button are performed by robots that constantly learn from people. Robots speed up work and help you avoid stupid but costly mistakes.

Perform small tasks 10 times faster than humans
Recognizes document types from scans to speed up processing.
The recognized documents are scattered into folders by document type.
Create 2-NDFL and other documents in 10 seconds. Many times faster than a person.
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