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Kontur.Accounting is an online service that completely covers issues related to accounting.

3 months free online bookkeeping

Submit reports without problems, keep records without errors.

How to get a:
Register on the Kontur.Buschtry website. Tell the manager the code word.

The offer is valid for new users who are not registered in the Kontur.Busch department.

The functional of accounting from SKB Kontur can be conditionally divided into several groups. In addition, the standard package of services can be supplemented with unique modules, one of which is Kontur.Beschtry Aktiv. It provides the user with the following capabilities: work with different tax systems; accounting in companies with a branched structure; mass sending of acts of reconciliation; material accounting in production; work with purchases; direction of regulated reporting. A separate version of the Asset module is Kontur. Accounting Budget for state and municipal institutions. It allows you to work with such parameters as: waybills and fuels and lubricants; Food; inventory control; settlements for paid services; consolidated budget reporting.

Employees of one company can work in the service, each of whom has access to their own roles: director, accountant, primary accountant, operator. Users can assign tasks to each other.

Works online wherever there is internet. It is updated for free, automatically. The service can be mastered in 2 days, it is simple and straightforward. There are hints and reminders.

Autofill by TIN, account recognition, data loading from 1C.
Maintain accounting, pay salaries, sick leave and vacation pay, send reports via the Internet. Convenient and simple service for accountants, directors and accounting firms.

formation of primary documentation;
maintaining account cards, journals of transactions, completed transactions, accounting of invoices;
automatic calculation of salaries, vacation pay, other charges and deductions for employees;
drawing up, checking and sending reports to controlling organizations;
analysis of the financial situation in the company;
reconciliation with regulatory authorities.

Go to the Kontur Accounting website at the link and get a bonus.
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