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Create a website for free on 1C-UMI and get 1,500 rubles to your account in the service.
1C-UMI is a ready-made website service for business.
To get a bonus, follow the purchased link, select the type of site and design and create a site (just change the text and images in the template to yours). 1500 rubles will automatically appear on your account in the service: you can spend them on any paid tariff.


Umi is a service that allows you to transfer any Internet project to your own hosting. This website builder provides everything you need to quickly create an online store or page that helps attract the first visitors in a single system at an affordable price. And to additionally save on designing your own website, enter the Umi promo code and get a good discount! The service is part of the main 1C group of companies. Here you will find over 500 ready-made website templates that you can buy. You can also bind a domain, create an e-mail for a domain, and much more.

UMI is a convenient website builder for business. We offer you hundreds of ready-made templates for Internet projects in different directions. First, you need to choose a suitable domain, then decide on the design and functionality, fill the web pages with unique content.
Through the built-in module, you can easily manage the search engine promotion yourself. In addition, the service provides customers with functions for online sales: accept payments online and use an advanced discount designer.
To get access to all the features of the service, you need to connect a paid tariff plan.

Fast website launch and simple management.
Customer care - support 7 days a week.
Easy search engine promotion.
Low price.
All online sales tools.
Unlimited site and product catalogs.
Quick move of the site to your hosting while maintaining all content and positions in search engines.
Mobile application for order management.
Hundreds of templates for any business theme.

Convenient content management system, website hosting, support for mobile devices, automatic website promotion in search engines.
A unique opportunity to display a site on your hosting, i.e. transfer of the site to your ownership with full preservation of all developments (content, design, positions in search engines), as well as with full access to the source code.

Go to the UMI website using the PROMO link and get a bonus.
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