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===================================================== ===================================================== ==============
❗❗❗Detailed activation instructions will be available immediately after payment in the “Instructions for
use of the product"❗❗❗
💎After payment you will receive a license key to activate Sid Meier´s Civilization VI💎
💯You will be able to download games in any region and at any time, with all available languages👍
🤑 MORE THAN 30 PAYMENT METHODS - LAVA, BINANCEPAY, WebMoney, Qiwi, ALL Cards and others🤑
🔑You will receive the key in your personal account📦
📧Also, a link to the page with the key will be sent to your email address specified upon purchase.📧
💪 Activation takes place ON YOUR ACCOUNT - with the Turkey REGION🌏
🌏To activate the key, with a connection to Turkey is required🌏
⭐️After activating the game, WITHOUT REGIONAL RESTRICTIONS⭐️
👌Games are forever associated with your Microsoft account👌
😶REFUNDS ARE NOT PROVIDED for the following reasons: I didn’t see, I didn’t know, I didn’t understand.😶
🧐If you have any questions, please contact the chat BEFORE PURCHASING🧐
📌Platforms - Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One📌
===================================================== ===================================================== =================
🔥Sid Meier´s Civilization VI: Build your empire and become the ruler of the world🔥
Take on the role of the leader of civilization and become the ruler of the world in Sid Meier´s
Civilization VI. In this epic turn-based strategy game you will build cities,
develop technology, explore new lands and fight with other civilizations.
Civilization VI introduces new ways to interact with the world: cities are now
physically expanding across the map, active exploration of technology and culture
opens up new opportunities, and competing leaders will pursue their
own goals based on their historical traits as you
strive for one of five ways to win the game.
===================================================== ===================================================== =================
📌If your account is Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, you need to change the account region
entries to the key region for the duration of activation.
Link to shift📌

===================================================== ===================================================== =================
😉If you are unable or unwilling to activate the key on your account, we are ready to take on this task! Use the offered service for the convenience of activating the key for you.(
26.12.2023 21:28:35
Все ок
08.10.2023 15:45:28
Все хорошо
23.03.2023 22:23:10
13.03.2023 18:19:29
01.03.2023 19:39:21
Всё пришло. Беру не первый ключ, приходит моментально, проблем с активацией не было. Рекомендую!
04.02.2023 18:54:08
Все отлично
03.02.2023 22:01:50
01.02.2023 23:26:47
07.01.2023 21:59:32
Всё ок, благодарю! Надеюсь, мне повезёт и игра вылетать не будет :)
07.01.2023 16:37:35
Все отлично благодарю
30.10.2022 14:49:38
Ключ рабочий, спасибо продавцу
29.10.2022 13:57:26
Всё отлично! Код получил , активировал!!! Спасибо!
13.10.2022 18:29:12
Код рабочий, проблем не было.
28.09.2022 15:20:47
11.08.2022 16:35:24
Все четко!👍
01.08.2022 18:49:15
Моментально пришёл ключ
Активация проще некуда
05.07.2022 20:43:33
Все стабильно. Купил. Активировал. Режим "игорёк" активировал.
07.06.2022 19:41:23
Отличная цена. Пришлось повозиться с впн, подошел aman vpn
14.05.2022 18:45:27
Все отлично, код получил, рабочий
21.12.2021 22:51:47
Всё ОК.

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