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After payment, you will receive a licensed game (login and password) after downloading the game, you will be free to play and run the game from your profile.General profile.The profile is available to launch via screen time (parental control), if there is no parental control on the profile, write after the purchase for a more convenient launch of the game, we will install it and send instructions.

Installing the game on the XBOX ONE console:

1) Go to the purchased profile, click "Log in"

2)Click "Add a new user", enter the purchased data (login and password)

3) If the code asks, click next and write to us

4) Login and security parameters-set "no restrictions"

5) Go to "My games and apps"

6) Scroll to the right, find the purchased game and install it.

7) Play only from your main profile

8) We do not delete the purchased profile, have a nice game)


1) You can not make an account home

2)You cannot change the data and transfer it to third parties

3) Additional mail is not provided

4)A permanent internet connection is required

5) General profile (You buy the game and the ability to play from your main profile, the profile itself is not for sale)

6)1 year warranty

How to play through screen time (there are no emissions when starting this method): https://disk

1) Log in to your main profile

2)Parameters-system-time (we put any on the interval from 8 to 20)

3)Network settings-additional settings-additional MAC-clear-restart

4) Enter your main profile.Parameters-system-time (we put any on the interval from 3 to 7)

5) We enter the purchased profile (after entering the purchased profile, we exit our main one) the flags at the bottom should flash

6) Then go back to the purchased profile, the back button and to your main one, launch the game

The account is sold to the public. If during the game you are sometimes "thrown out" of the gameplay, try to log in to the game later. Any claims in this case are not accepted

There is no refund if the profile is blocked, but you can choose any profile to replace it.Refund for reasons I did not like the game, bought it or not is not made

The seller is not responsible for system updates to the console, which may lead to changes in the operation of the shared account.

Control the defenders of Earthrealm in these two parts of the critically acclaimed story mode to stop Kronika from turning back time and rewriting history. In the battle for the salvation of all living things, friendship is tested and new alliances are born. The roster of characters consists of 37 fighters, including Reina, Mileena, and Rambo.

Mortal Kombat 11 showcases every friendship, every bloody fatality or heartbreaking fatal blow like never before. You will be so deeply immersed in battle that you will feel this pain!

Includes MK11, Combat Pack 1, Aftermath Expansion, and Combat Pack 2.

• Experience 2 critically acclaimed story modes from the original game MK11 and MK11: Aftermath
• The roster of characters consists of 37 fighters, including Mileena, Reina and Rambo.
• Thousands of skins, weapons and equipment for unprecedented variety when customizing your fighters
• Includes all guest characters: Terminator, Joker, Spawn and Robocop
• All game modes, including time towers, crypt, briefing, online modes, classic towers and others
• All arenas, fatality arenas, brutalities, iconic fatalities and friendships

Smart Delivery brings FREE Xbox Series X updates:

• Dynamic resolution up to 4K
• Improved visuals
• Accelerated loading time
• Compatible with other platforms and other generations