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✅Advantages of Proton VPN Basic

1. Located in Switzerland
2. High-speed connections (up to 10 Gbps)
3. Encryption - AES-256
4. Strict policy of no activity logs
5. Servers in 40+ countries
6. More than 500 servers
7. Supports Tor Browser & P2P
7. Ad blocker (NetShield)✅Product Features:
1. After payment, you will receive a login and password to enter our account with a purchased subscription
2. The account is not transferred to your ownership, it is forbidden to change the password and other data
3. The account is designed for one device
4. This is a completely original account, unlike those on the Internet. Those who search the Internet for a hacked version (Proton VPN is cracked) can only find viruses. It´s all about understanding how the program works. You simply will not be allowed to encrypt traffic through someone else´s server if you do not log in with the username and password from which the paid version of this VPN was purchased. If you are offered to download a free crack for the premium version of this vpn, remember, this is a big scam.
5. This product cannot be used on Android and iPhone phones. For phones, only products with a subscription of 1 month or more are availableattention✅Instructions for use:
1. Download the required version of the application from the official website and install it
2. Log in with the received username and password/attentionThere are no returns for this product. Be careful when buying. If the item doesn´t fit, don´t buy.
The application cannot be updated from April 20, 2022. Works only on version 1.26.
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