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Immediately after payment, you will automatically receive a login \ password from the account with the purchased game.
✅ The game is available through a PERSONAL account, without crashes and working online!

⭐ Lifetime warranty
⭐ Instant delivery of goods
⭐ 100 legal and safe
⭐ Thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers
⭐ Affordable prices and discounts for regular customers
⭐ Cashback 10 on any other purchases for a positive review
⭐ Fast technical support (frequent online)

- Attention! This is NOT a game key, the game is not attached to your personal XBOX account.
- By purchasing this product, you will be able to download the game from your account and play it for an unlimited amount of time (following the instructions).
- The game will have YOUR NICKNAME from the XBOX Live profile, saves and achievements are tied to it.
- It´s 100% safe, the game was bought legally, at the Seller´s own expense.

💜 Game:
- Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Ultimate Edition

⭐ Ultimate Edition:
• night bonus to experience for two hours
• craft items
• exclusive amulets for weapons
• Outfit "Legend"
• weapon skin "Legend"
• appearance of the paraglider "Legend"
• wallpapers (print-ready)
• digital comic
• digital artbook
• digital soundtrack
• Pass to the expansion with two additional storylines, access to which will open a few months after the release of the game

🎁 Pre-order bonuses:
💥Reach for the Sky" by Rosario Dawson
• Paraglider "Reach for the Sky" for Loan and Aiden
• Backpack "Reach for the Sky" for Loan and Aiden
• Crossbow "Reach for the Sky"»
• Outfit "Reach for the Sky" for Loan

💥 Reload Skin Pack
• Outfit "Reload"
• weapon skin "Reload"
• appearance of the paraglider "Reload"

1) After purchasing an account, you need to add a new user: in the upper left corner, select "Add new player". Enter the received data.
2) If you need to approve the entry (example: "Approve NFQW on your mobile device"), to do this, write in the "Correspondence with the seller" the code that is shown on the screen and wait for the Seller´s response.
After confirmation, in the login and security settings, set "No restrictions".
3) Go to "My games and applications" or "XBOX Store", find the game and put it on download.

After the purchase, you will receive detailed text and video instructions on how to play correctly through your account.

• It is forbidden to make an account home / play through it, and not a personal profile (it only serves to download / set up the game on your profile)
• It is forbidden to change account data and resell them
• It is forbidden to log into your account from any device other than the console
• It is forbidden to install on more than one console
• It is forbidden to link bank cards or PayPal accounts
• The account is NOT transferred to your ownership, access to the mail is not provided.
• The work of DLC and the game itself is guaranteed only at the time of purchase, if in the future the developers will block (even partially) this way of launching the game - no claims will be accepted.
❌ You can not delete the purchased account from the console, otherwise you will lose access to the game!

If they are violated, the seller has the right to block your access to your account, without a refund.
30.05.2022 21:43:02
Данные аккаунта получил моментально, продавец грамотно и пошагово описал процесс активации и установки. От покупки я получил только положительные эмоции, настоятельно рекомендую данного продавца.
19.04.2022 16:13:01
всё работает, рекомендую. разобрался сам, но потанцевать с бубном пришлось.
06.04.2022 7:39:49
Всё работает, немного пришлось по парится с активацией но это сам не поняли что да как
01.04.2022 14:50:57
Всё работает. Спасибо!
13.03.2022 13:11:54
At the moment it works following your steps. All ok. Thanks
08.03.2022 19:15:08
Все супер пупер
27.02.2022 13:20:36
All good.
11.02.2022 11:33:55
Всё получил. С активацией были проблемы, но продавец помог разобраться.
08.02.2022 8:44:31
Fast support, everything works perfect
08.02.2022 1:16:40
Привет. Да, есть сложности при установке и запуске, но нужно следовать инструкциям. Это того стоит. Далее вы тратите 30 секунд и играете в любимую игру без лагов и вылетов со своего аккаунта. Продавец мне помогал, рекомендую.
07.02.2022 23:12:37
06.02.2022 21:27:09
Продавец отвечал быстро и понятно. Все отлично)
06.02.2022 12:35:06
Nice seller, helped me to set it up
06.02.2022 3:42:05
Всё супер
05.02.2022 12:44:53
Дёшево круто хорошо!

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