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🟣Online server members for any of your Discord projects! Members Online 24/7 Spotify, Playing , Stream , Custom Status

📜General İnformation

•The server link should be written in the link section.
•Example link:
•The service consists of global accounts with photos.
•Members Online 24/7
•Your order will be processed as soon as possible.
•Result time is 1 hours depending on the intensity. It depends on the density.
•Online members are guaranteed +1 month of activity.
•There is no risk of the server getting banned.

🔴Very important
•We are the main provider, we do not use SMM panels like other vendors.
•Our members never look like bots!
•Members are as seen in the pictures.
•Please make sure the invite code is unlimited.

🔹When will our members join the server?
🔸We ship fast as we are the main provider.

✨Discord Premium Online Member (High Quality)


💬🟢Discord Talking Bots

💬 Discord Mass DM Advertising

🙉 Discord Server Member for NFT or other Projects

🟢Discord Online Members

⚫Offline Member :

🐵Discord Post Reaction

👾 Gaming Online Member :

Go to the link to contact us:
After payment you will receive a unique 16-digit payment confirmation CODE.
To complete the transaction, follow these steps:

Option A:
1) On the purchase page, under the "contact information" and "additional information" form, put a tick in the checkbox opposite "yes, I want to immediately send a unique code to the seller."
2) Click SAVE. (The code will be sent to the seller automatically).

Option B:
1) On the purchase page, copy the received unique code to the clipboard.
2) Scroll down the page and click the "CORRESPONDENCE WITH THE SELLER" button.
3) Paste the unique code from the clipboard into the message and click "SEND MESSAGE".

This instruction is obligatory for everyone!
Until i"m receive a CODE confirming the payment, no action will be taken on your application.
Send the CODE immediately. Don´t waste your and my time on unnecessary correspondence.
See the screenshots for how to submit code quickly and correctly.
29.10.2022 22:18:36
Good quality, fast delivery
15.08.2022 21:22:17
all good
07.08.2022 22:28:46
thx got all the members and all of them online very good support
01.07.2022 9:52:03
All good
15.04.2022 15:30:08
All good. Fast and qualitatively
12.04.2022 0:17:52
Perfect service, highly satisfied, I´ll buy again for sure :)
02.04.2022 22:27:23
100% legit and fast