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Introducing the unique base of sites to raise the site in the top search engines.
The selection of the base was carried out within 1. 5 years, it consists of sites from X to 18000. Mainly these are foreign and Russian cars and other forums, sites on the DLE platform. The link with the key can be put in the profile, sometimes in your letter.
Base characteristics:
1. All sites are checked for Noindex and Nofollow;
2. Based 1 presents 2780 sites;
3. In the base 2 there are 59 bourgeois trust forums
3. Maximum X 18000;

The base was tested on my satellites. To get the result, you just need to go through the sites and leave your links. The advantage of the method is that you don´t have to spend every month to purchase links in stock exchanges, in one payment you will receive eternal links to your resource. To the database there is a clear instruction / description What and how to do.

What you get
1. Lifting X 20 to 40
2. Promotion on LF and MF and some low competitive RF requests
4. Natural reference weight
5. Increase attendance
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