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Can you speak to the souls of dead people? Not? And I can´t. But this can be done by Indian Amrit Singh, who works for the worldwide secret corporation "Faith". In Moscow, he heads a yoga center and among his clients he finds the souls of people from the past and the future. We do not want to say that he and his colleagues in the corporation know everything, no, not everything. But on the other hand, it is reliable and truthful, firsthand. And this is an exclusive, it is tested by life.
Vasily Sveshnikov, a successful Formula 1 driver, is involved in the whirlpool of events. He dies in a catastrophe, and his soul continues to live in the body of a newborn boy. This boy is destined to become another chosen one, prepared to replace Amrit, whose name in Sanskrit means "immortal".
Currently, the author is writing a sequel to the book, in which he will talk about the development of events with the same characters.
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