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Explore a dark fantasy interpretation of the Wild West where sheriffs and gunfighters live side by side with fantastical creatures. Learn the stories of unusual characters and turn them into legends by making difficult decisions. And how can simple people exist in these merciless lands? Each journey is unique and handcrafted by you - there is so much at stake in these stories, the world reacts to your every action, and every decision you make matters. Gather a squad or go solo to discover the mysterious expanses of the world of Weird West. Each legend of the West will become your own story.
To activate the code, follow these steps:

- Download any free VPN to your PC or Phone
- Set your VPN country to: Argentina
- After enabling VPN and selecting a country, go to and enter the data from your account
ATTENTION in your account on the site, you DO NOT need to change the region.
- Enter the code at
- (Payment methods - go to the subsection - Use a gift code or certificate - activate your code.)

VPNs you can use For PC:
1) NordVPN
2) Tunnel Bear
3) Windscribe
4) TigerVPN
VPNs you can use For Mobile Phone :
Thunder VPN; TigerVPN or NordVPN
11.10.2022 13:54:00
Просто самый крутой продавец!были проблемы,ПОМОГ не подсказал как решить а сам помог! Моё почтение продавцу...

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