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deliverySystem requirements: XBOX ONE / XBOX SERIES X|S
Genre: Action & Adventure, Other, Arcade
Language Pack: English
Release year: 2022

WHISKEY & ZOMBIES is a fun and intense multiplayer brawler where the McCrearys have to fight
and drink their way through hordes of undead shitkickers in order to get home. The strategy is
simple: Brawl, shoot, sneak, scavenge, and rage your way through the Deep South while constantly
chugging the virus-killing whiskey moonshine.

Features of the game
- Top-Down Mayhem: Swig, slug, and shoot your way through undead.
- Unique Health System: The virus affects your stamina, Moonshine Whiskey kills it. But the
safer you are, the difficult things get. And if a player turns into a zombie, anot
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