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✅The account is not linked to Rockstar, Epic Games or another service.
✅All data can be changed to your own. (You can do it self via provided e-mail)
✅No regional restrictions.
✅0 played hours, the previous account owner has no and never had.
✅All accounts in this store are their own, not hacked. We do not sell other people´s accounts. We registered Self.

✅A big plus is also that your save / progress in the game will not be lost, unlike accounts that have the previous owner.
Includes Red Dead Online. Red Dead Redemption 2 story mode sold separately.
Instructions after purchase:
1. Install the steam application from the link, if you do not already have it
2. Log in to your account using the username and password received after payment
3. Go to the "Library" section and start downloading the game
4. After that, you will start downloading the Rockstar launcher, if it was not installed earlier
5. In Rockstar you need to register or log into an existing account
6. After that, the steam account will be linked to Rockstar and you can download the game
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