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About the game:

Shortly before Christmas, New York City is gripped by a monstrous pandemic. Public and government services cease to function one after another, interruptions in water, food and electricity begin. In just a few days, the streets of the city are engulfed in chaos. And then the Special Squad, a special unit of operational agents, comes into play. In peacetime, they lead the most ordinary life, but when trouble comes, they begin to act. The task of the Special Squad is to save society.

When the world collapses, we are its support.

All Gifts and keys are bought only in an official way and are transferred from a valid seller account.

If you have any questions, please contact Skype or online chat.

We appreciate your positive feedback, thank you!

Activation instructions.
1. On your download page, you will see a Connect to Ubisoft link located in the upper left-hand corner.
2. Clicking the link will take you to the Ubisoft login page.
3. After you login to your Ubisoft Account, the Connect to Ubisoft link will change to show that you are now connected.
4. From there, accessing the Uplay client your redeemed titles should appear in your library.
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