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*This type of product is not a Redemption Code. This is the PS PLUS Deluxe Purchase Service 3 month for your Playstation Store Account -

* 🔔ATTENTION🔔After the purchase, you will receive a unique code that must be communicated to the seller through personal correspondence, after which you need to provide data from your PlayStation account, region - Turkey.
* 🔔ATTENTION🔔 There must NOT be active subscriptions on the account!

*In personal correspondence, you will need to provide account details LOGIN and PASSWORD to enter and purchase this subscription. If you do not have an account yet, you can EASILY create a new one while specifying the Region - Turkey.

* Subscription also works in Russia. Most of the games will be in Russian!


Opening hours from 8.00 to 22.00 Moscow time
🔸 The new PS PLUS Deluxe subscription includes a large library of games with something for everyone!

🔸After activation, you can change your password and enable two-factor authentication, the account is yours forever, the data is only needed to log in to purchase a subscription

🔸 PS PLUS subscription Turkey region is the most profitable solution to date! Favorable Price + A large number of games in Russian
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